Bespoke treehouses and garden structures

Outdoor Shower and Steam Room


Set in a small garden, this structure had two aims – to enhance the garden as a piece of art and to create a unique and private space for showering and enjoying a cedar-scented steam experience.


Ian belongs to a rare breed of men; he is capable of making dreams come true. The steam/shower room has been an enormous benefit to my health. It is beautifully crafted. Cylindrical, with a clever interior design, suggested by Ian. He is a natural Creative, with a feeling for wood like no other. He was open and collaborative about my ideas, and a positive joy to work with. The cedar wood releases a divine scent when heated. I sit on my handcrafted cedar bench, looking up through the clear domed ceiling, skywards; I am transported to the ancient forests of Mesopotamian mythology.. and as if that isn’t enough.. I emerge glowing; full of vitality & good health. THANK-YOU IAN!